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I am a primarily self taught artist, with a watercolor  or ceramic workshop here and there, thrown in for good measure. These inspired moments mix with fond memories of my great grandma Pearl drawing bunnies and birds in profile with me when I was wee. I look intently at things I like,  and love to follow the flow of the line between things.  Wandering trails of familiar forest once with a childhood friend, she encouraged me to playfully approach a page with tea stains, mud, berries, grass, the like. Challenging me to meet consternation with curiosity long enough to see if I might find a bit not necessarily good or great but maybe interesting enough to follow. And so I did. With that permission, and a box of 24 watercolor pencils gifted for a magic birthday, in varied new moments since, this emerging practice compels me. Hands, limbs, longing, serious side eye, gestures. Feet to hold steady or take flight. Some text and thread to pin a thought. A message in a bottle, maybe heavy handed and obtuse, oblique, secret, roaring whisper.


An artist, acupressure massage practitioner and private tutor for children on the Autism Spectrum I am prone to thinking big, still trying to keep it simple. Staining pages, and expanding smudges in a rather Rorschak ink blot fashion, as if searching the clouds for shapes, I make marks, expanding and altering as needed in a manner of charting and unpacking internal terrain. Preferring a variety of materials and practices, I play with paper, wood, acrylic, collage, fiber, and clay to create art that is on the cusp or realism and abstarction; woman centered and intuitive, layered, oblique; direct, inviting, perhaps commanding. Have a look.  As you like.